Our Guided Self-Assessment

The Institute has implemented a new guided self-assessment process for Williamson County nonprofits that allows nonprofits to clearly see where improvements within their organization need to be made that would create an increase in efficiency and sustainability.  This new process was developed in response to feedback from local nonprofits who found the original Baldrige assessment process too rigorous.

The self-assessment consists of a series of categories with a list of questions within each category that is intended to assess how the organization compares to the Baldrige business model.  The model is a nationally recognized tool that both corporate and nonprofit look use creating and maintaining successful companies or organizations.

The Guided Self-Assessment Steps:

self-assessment orientation

An institute representative meets with your assessment team and provides an overview of your self-assessment process.


The assessment is emailed to your assessment team for input, then scores are tabulated by the Institute's facilitator.

COnsensus Meeting

Your team will come together with the facilitator to discuss the self-assessment results, then prioritize those areas for improvements and identify areas of strength.

action plan development

Next, your team will create specific action plans based on your prioritization, to meet the organization's objectives that reduce or eliminate gaps.