Executive Director, Bob Novello, along with Institute Co-Founder Vic Figurelli will implement a newly designed interview based Baldrige assessment process for Williamson County nonprofits this year.

The institute is currently in search of an organization willing to participate in a beta test of the new assessment process this year.  The assessments allow nonprofits to clearly see where improvements within their organization need to be made that would create an increase in efficiency and sustainability.

Novello and Figurelli created this new process in response to feedback from local nonprofits who found the original Baldrige assessment process to rigorous.  The Baldrige assessment consists of a series of categories with a list of questions within each category that is intended to assess how the organization compalres to the Baldrige business model.  The model is a nationally recognized tool that both corporate and nonprofit look to while creating and maintaining successful companies or organizations.

The new design- How it works

The new design will allow Institute consultants and Subject Matter Experts to administer the assessment verbally rather than in writing.  The entire process will consist of three one-to-two hour meetings.  During each meeting, assessment questions for two categories will be asked.  Organizations will be able to prepare ahead of time and bring in the key employees necessary to answer the assessment questions.  This new process will allow consultants to provide further guidance for the organizations, while alleviating some of the workload required to complete the full assessment.

Serving local non profits at no cost

All services provided by the institute are free and available to any interested nonprofit in the area.  Organizations are encouraged to reach out and register for an assessment or for training workshops listed on the Institute’s website.

For more information please contact Bob Novello.