The Institute helps nonprofit organizations serving Williamson County learn and apply principles of organizational excellence to achieve and sustain high performance


The Institute is a recognized resource for education and guidance to Williamson County nonprofits seeking systematic assessment and improvement of their organizations.  As a result, participating nonprofits enhance their sustainability and their capacity to serve constituencies.

Guiding Principles

  • Respect the autonomy of nonprofits in how each serves the community.
  • Be guided by its client’s needs and expectations regarding programs, services, pacing, and scope.
  • Collaborate with community leaders to deliver its programs and services cost-effectively.
  • Be innovative, agile, and flexible, so that it can meet the diverse needs and expectations of its clients.
  • Base its decisions on data and information
  • Focus on results and value created to judge its performance
  • Embed continuous improvement in the planning and execution of its business.

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