Kenn White

Kenn’s was recently appointed as the Executive Director for Senior University  after 30 years of service in the military.  He  brings an extensive background in strategic planning at various levels throughout the Texas Army National Guard where he played a key role in the largest force structure transformation efforts since World War II, leading multi-functional planning teams to transition the State from heavy to light combat units impacting close to 18,000 Soldiers and over 50 facilities across Texas.  Kenn assisted in the development of the Force Management Course for the Army National Guard, creating a program of instruction that was used to teach Army National Guard Soldiers on all aspects of managing Force Integration.  As the Texas Army National Guard’s strategic planner, he led the initial planning efforts for one largest force structure reductions in the Guard’s history to support the National Defense Strategy, where he mitigated the impact of costs associated with the reclassification and training of Soldier as well and the under-utilization of National Guard facilities across the entire state.

Kenn has been volunteering with The Williamson County Institute for Excellence in Nonprofits, Inc for the past few years, helping several nonprofit organizations in Williamson County.