Ray Langlois

Ray founded Langlois Consultant Services, LLC, to work with Nonprofit Organizations to build capacity and sustainability, develop long-range and strategic planning and create leadership development.   He worked as a Consultant facilitating the East WilCo Collaborative/LifePark Center and Coordinator of the WilCo Wellness Alliance to improve health and wellness through building strategic relationships and improving systems.  Prior serving with the Health District, Ray was the Coordinator of School Health and Wellness in Leander ISD for the last eight years prior of a33-year career in education.   Ray was the coordinator of the Wellness Alliance,  working on many projects with the capable staff of the WCCHD such as the 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan, the Alliance Strategic Plan and its Working Groups, the Health Summit and building relationships with community partners and the Health District by attending meetings and events throughout WilCo and Travis County.   He completed working with a group of interested partners to build a $9 million community resource center in Eastern WilCo (Taylor), leading a regional collaborative in the area and working with various agencies such as the St. David’s Foundation who have interest in East WilCo.