Meet our Facilitators


Vic Figurelli

Vic’s career at Shell Chemical Company included staff and management assignments in product applications, technical service, sales, marketing, and product planning. ..

Kirk Kriegel

Kirk has been a Baldrige Examiner for Quality Texas and was accepted as a National Examiner for the National Baldrige Award for Business Performance Excellence….

Sue Bunton

Sue Bunton is a human performance specialist with a track record for achieving organizational
excellence and the development of peak performance models for organizations….

Paul Newton

Paul Newton has a strong business background with management and consulting experience in all functional areas and working experience in a broad range of industries and markets… 


Bob Novello

Bob developed and conducted professional development training classes; developed and conducted Baldrige classes for the UT Center for Performance Excellence (UTCPE)….


Ray Oakley

Ray is a Customer Quality engineer with 25 years’ experience in Quality, Reliability,  program development, and supplier quality engineering in the semiconductor, power, and computer industries….

Tony Perez

Tony Perez has worked in the quality field for over 25 years in the defense electronics and commercial electronics industries. He is currently the Program Manager of The University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence where he uses a Baldrige based assessment process in Texas. 

Dale Ricklefs

Dale Ricklefs was involved in quality initiatives between 2000 and 2005 when she served as the Quality Manager and strategic planning lead for the City of Round Rock. Dale has also formed four nonprofits in Round Rock and has held leadership positions in over 10 nonprofits over the past 30 years.

Kenn White

Kenn  has facilitated strategic planning  for Military and private enterprises. He was the lead project officer for the Texas Army National Guard’s participation in the Army Community of Excellence (ACOE) program, placing among the top 3 in the nation both years.

Sam Zigrossi

Sam Zigrossi has been a Performance Specialist/Consultant, consulting with various types of organizations both small and large, including hospitals, telecommunications consulting company, high technology groups, large energy company, universities, state agencies and chambers of commerce.

Kathryn LeRoy

Stay tuned for updated information from Kathryn




Ron Swain

Mac McGuire

.Dr. McGuire is a Malcolm Baldrige Alumni Examiner and has served as an international Baldrige Examiner and  Executive Officer for the military Baldrige program called the Army Communities of Excellence (green Baldrige). He has been involved with Baldrige-based internal and external assessments since 1990.

Kelly Lester

Kelly Lester is the past President of Lestex, Inc. (consulting firm) where she specialized in using the Baldrige framework and ISO 9001 criteria to achieve client organizational performance excellence focusing on practical, efficient implementation with heavy emphasis on training.



Juliane Crocker